Keynote Speakers

Professor Thomas Bausch
Munich University of Applied Sciences, Germany

Thomas Bausch, Dr., is professor and director of the competence center tourism and mobility at the Free University of Bolzano-Bozen (Brunico, Alto-Adige, Italy. Email: During his more than 20 years lasting professional activities as managing director of the Alpine Research Institute he focussed already in the early 1990ies on sustainable regional development and destination development. In addition, since 2002 Thomas was professor at the faculty of tourism at the Munich University of applied sciences. He worked as expert for the seven alpine countries in the context of the Alpine Convention, and was involved in the strategy preparation of European regional funding programmes of the EU commission. Since 2019 he holds the position as director of the competence centre tourism and mobility at the Free University of Bolzano-Bozen. There a focus of research is the sustainability understanding of consumers and travellers.


Professor Behzad Behdani
Professor in Supply Chain and Operations Management
USN School of Business, University of South-Eastern Norway

Behzad Behdani is a Professor in Supply Chain and Operations Management at the Department of Business, Strategy, and Political Science, University of South-Eastern Norway. He also leads Collaborative Innovation, Societal Transformation, and Operations Management (CISOM) at the USN School of Business. Behzad has done significant research on some ground-breaking aspects of operations and supply chain management, including supply chain analytics and operations management at early-stage innovative companies (the link between innovation/technology management and operations management) and global intermodal logistics. His current research is focused on smart manufacturing and logistics, particularly how digital technologies help transform the existing business models in the logistics sector. Behzad’s research also deals with how we can embed the UN Sustainable Development Goals in the design and operations of global logistics systems. Behzad’s research has been published in leading academic journals in the field of supply chain and logistics management, including IJPE, IJPR, CAIE, TRE, and Transport Reviews, among others. He has served on the editorial board of the World Review of Intermodal Transportation Research and Strategic Planning for Energy and the Environment Journal. He has been involved in organizing several conferences, including International Conference on Computational Logistics, and served on the guest editorial team of several special issues.